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Interim Leadership

 For the Board of Directors:

Perhaps your CEO is new to their role. Or, you are at the point of needing a frank analysis of their abilities. We can confidentially accomplish this and you will receive a strategic plan for their development or replacement.

Has a retirement announcement caught you off guard without options? There are many companies that can search for your next CEO but few that can provide interim leadership.

Confidential Mentorship

For CEO’s. Often without the knowledge of the staff,  work as your partner, your advisor, your confidant to talk through and evaluate your current position. Together we can quickly get the company moving in the direction you would like.


For CEO’s and Board of Directors. Changing reimbursement for healthcare has been the norm for decades. Perhaps your company needs a quick tune-up to ensure you are capturing all that is due to you and you are exploring all of your revenue opportunities.  Let’s dive into your P&L to best understand what should be included in your new strategic plan. 

Strategic Growth

Do you have the infrastructure in place to grow? Most owners/leaders barely have time to turn the page on the calendar more-or-less review their plan for growth. Pausing to create or evaluate a plan could be a great reset. 

Leadership Evaluation

Do you have the best starting line-up? We promote operations people from within. We know great operations people do not automatically make great leaders. I provide a with frank recommendations for their education, guidance, or replacement.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Get an evaluation at no cost to you. Zache Consulting can be ready to start working with you within 24 hours of contact. You can sleep better knowing someone is on your side and taking the steps to a better future for your business. 

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