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Jim Zache

What brought you to this page? 

For members of the Board of Directors:

  • Perhaps your CEO/Leader is retiring?

  • Perhaps you are confidentially looking for new leadership and restructuring?

I will either temporarily step-in or create a transition plan and walk with you during the transition.


For CEO’s:

Sometimes it's not as bad as you think.

  • Perhaps you need a quick tune-up? Your P & L is the fastest way for us to see how you stack up.   

  • Growth isn’t always solution to any business problem. I wonder if you really want to grow or if you need to become more efficient with your current book of business?

  • If you do want to grow the key lies with your leadership team. I'll provide you with frank recommendations for their education, guidance, or replacement.


Together we will discover where my expertise and your goals intersect. As your consultant I don't have services "in-the-can" or on-the-shelf products. Your company is different from every other and you need an individual solution.​  

Download Jim's Resume

Not Sure Where To Start?

Get an evaluation at no cost to you. Zache Consulting can be ready to start working with you within 24 hours of contact. You can sleep better knowing someone is on your side and taking the steps to a better future for your business. 

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